Which Steam Iron For Sewing?

When sewing you just have to have a good steam iron, it is of the utmost importance. It have to give you the option to press with steam or if you choose to, press without steam.

I use a separate iron just for sewing. If you use a separate iron just for your sewing then you don't have to clean the starch, that builds up overtime when ironing the clean laundry, from the iron before ironing my sewing pieces.

Steam Irons Are Available Here

If you have to press in between most sewing steps, then it is going to take a lot of time if you are not organized.

You have to be organized and go through all the steps to work out which parts of the sewing  can be done together. Then you can go ahead and pin them at the same time. Then do the sewing together. Then when its ready, press all of the seams at the same time. Then just repeat it all over again. This way you will manage your precious time much better.

Setup a ironing area, all ready with ironing board and iron, close to were you will be doing your sewing. It save a lot of time.

Remember, irons are dangerous! They can burn you, and cause fires. So YOU must decide between a always on or automatic shut off iron.

I find that the best one for me is one with a large sole plate, that steams well, and if the heat is predictable.

Have a look at these Steam Irons

Get a stainless steel plate not the teflon, you can clean a stainless plate if it gets gunky and it will look good as new.

I really love the following features in a steam iron:

1. If it's lightweight, your arm isn't dead after a lot of use,
2. It is easy to clean,
3. It doesn't hiss or spit steam and water,
4. When it has a powerful steam burst when needed,
5. And it gets very hot quickly, but the heat is reliable.

Now I have the itch for a new iron. It just makes life so much easier if you have a good iron. I spotted some "Steam Irons" on eBay.  I will go and have a snoop and if its worth it then I will let you know.

Check out the Steam Irons Here

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