How To Sew A Easy And Neatly Centered Zipper

I do prefer an invisible zipper but I usually find it easier to center an all purpose zipper. This is when you sew a seam before installing the zipper, and then top stitch on the right side of the fabric, and on either side of the seam line, making sure to avoid the zipper teeth.

The problem is you quite often end up with a bubble around the zipper pull as it hits the zipper foot. Now normally you would be opening the zipper and sewing each side separately, then zipping it up and finishing and ........ But honestly I find that to be really fiddly and too much hassle.

I prefer to do it my way. The easy way.

Sew the seam you intend to install the zipper in, and press the seam open. Now choose a zipper that is longer than you need. I normally use one that is 1 to 2 inches longer.

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On the wrong side of the fabric place the zipper on the seam line with the zipper pull above the finished edge of the garment.

You really should machine or hand baste the zipper to the garment. Pin basting is a little risky because you can easily end up with bunching. So I really recommend machine or hand basting.

On the right side of the fabric, top stitch on either side of the centre seam line, avoiding the zipper teeth. If yo stitch evenly on each side, even if the zipper moves a tiny bit, it will still be neat.

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Remove the seam line stitches that are now covering the zipper. Use your unpicker (seam/buttonhole ripper) for this.

Pull the zipper down a little bit and turn the garment inside out, and fold the edges of the zipper over. Trim them a little bit if they are way too long, but not too much. You still need some excess at the top to act as the stop.

Turn the lining inside, closing it all up and you have a quick and easy centered zipper.

Have a wonderful shopping day for your sewing supplies.

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