Lets Take A Look At Sewing Machines.

The bare necessities you need in a sewing machine is the ability to adjust the stitches.

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First of all you want to be able to adjust the strait stitch:
Two things for the strait stitch you want to be able to adjust.
1. The length of the stitch.
2. The needle position.

Second you want to be able to adjust the zig zag stitch:
Here are two things you want to make sure you can adjust for the zig zag stitch.
1. You want to be able to adjust the width of the zig zag stitch.
2. Also the length of the zig zag.

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Thirdly you want to be able to have a machine that can wind the thread onto the bobbin for you.
It have to wind the thread evenly onto the bobbin otherwise you are going to have constant problems with the sewing tension.

A nice feature to have is the needle down feature. This means that when you stop sewing the needle stay down through the fabric. This makes it easy to pivot your fabric without losing your place.

Their is two bobbin systems available for sewing machines.
1. The rotary system.
2. The oscilating system.
In my opinion the rotary system is the better of the two. Because it goes round and round it finish the stitch of properly, giving a much stronger stitch.

Now normally the rotary bobbin system is not commonly seen in the cheaper sewing machines. The nicer the sewing machine the stronger it normally is. The little bit extra you have to pay for a slightly better sewing machine is going to pay of in the long run, because your sewing machine is going to last so much longer.

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Something most people forget to find out as well is to find out if the frame of the sewing machine is metal or plastic.

With a plastic frame you might get a slightly cheaper and lighter sewing machine.

Just keep in mind that the metal frame is more rigid and your sewing machine will last longer under the same conditions. The plastic frame sewing machine might need more frequent maintenance because it have more movement and that affect the alignment and tension of the internal parts.

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