Lets Make Our Own Clothes

Making your own clothes don't have to be complicated. It can be as easy as using a dress form mannequin to take your own creative ideas and make them reality. Once you start seeing your idea taking form on your dress form your sewing projects just keep getting easier and easier.

Dress Form

Dress Form

But you don't always have to start from scratch. How about taking an existing piece of clothing and just by adding maybe a piece of lace or changing or cutting a bit off make it over into a new creation.

If you are looking for an Adjustable Dressmakers Dress Form Mannequin then you can find them here

Another way is to take a favorite piece of clothing and by taking a few key measurements create your own pattern. Then just create more pieces of your favorite clothes from the pattern you have just created.

I get sooooo..... frustrated if I see the exact clothes I've been looking for, for ages, just to be told by the shop assistant that they don't have it in my size. With your own dressmakers dress form you can buy that perfect piece anyway and when at home just alter it to make it into your own size.

Did you ever have the problem that a dress you have, just don't sit right at the top part. How about, instead of it just hanging their in you closet, you cut the top part off and change the bottom part into a nice skirt. Really just folding the waistband over, a few stitches, adding a zipper and your done.

Dress to Skirt

Dress to Skirt

One of my favorite things is to find those hidden gems of designer clothes that go for almost nothing at my local goodwill store or on eBay. I just dress my adjustable dress form dummy up in my latest find, a few quick pins, a cut here and there, followed by a few stitches on the sewing machine and I'm ready for a day at the races 🙂

I just thought I'll share that with you while I was thinking about it.

Have a great day.

P.S. It's a bit cloudy and grey here today. Perfect day for sewing though.

P.P.S. Adjustable Dress Forms are available here

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