Professional Steam Iron

(Gravity Feed Iron)

I came to the conclusion that a good strong gravity feed iron can save a prolific seamstress countless cheap and nasty steam iron replacements.

A gravity feed iron is used in most design studios, couture houses and tailor shops. Unlike a standard home steam iron, it has a large water reservoir (1- 4 liters) that is suspended from a hook above the ironing board.

If you don't have a hook to hang it on try using an old rolling IV pole, just be sure to stabilize the base or it might tip over. A big water tank like this allows you to press and sew to your hearts content for a very long time between refills. There is a tube that feeds the water to the iron, and to get it to steam, you must press a button on the iron’s handle.

Gravity Feed Iron & Reservoir

Gravity Feed Iron & Reservoir

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Most gravity feed irons use tap water, but some people advise to use distilled water in the tank. Otherwise you need to change the filtration beads periodically, just like with any other water filter.

Now your run of the mill gravity feed iron is heavy duty industrial strength. They make a lot of steam, a they cook up a lot of heat. Gravity feed irons are excellent for fusing interfacing. You don’t have to apply much pressure because they are heavier than normal irons. So your arm get a good work out too. 🙂

What I like about them is that they generate steam in any position, not just on a flat horizontal surface. This allows you to steam garments on surfaces other than your ironing board. For those heavier and voluminous garments you can steam them while they are hanging.

You can also press items on your dress form with your gravity feed iron. Now for the safety concious I have to warn that they don’t have an auto shut-off, which is great if you need to be pressing for long periods of time or having to go back and forth to your iron. So you do need to remember to turn your gravity feed iron off when you’re done for the day.

Gravity feed irons are available from industrial sewing supply stores and several online sources as well. Now a gravity feed iron isn't for everyone. If you do a lot of sewing then a gravity feed iron will make your life a lot easier.

Professional Steam Iron

Professional Steam Iron

Some people call a gravity feed iron a "professional steam iron".

If you are looking for a Gravity Feed Iron then you can find some here

I heard of a guy that worked in a taylor shop for 17 years and he can't remember them ever, in the whole 17 years, having had to replace even one of their gravity feed irons. That after being on every day for 8 hours a day non stop.

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