Adjustable Dress Forms

What are they good for?

  • Dress Forms can be used to see if the hang of the fabric is right for that pattern that you want to  use?
  • You can drape coordinating fabrics together to see how a proposed outfit might look.
  • Fit a tissue pattern on the dress form mannequin.
Fit a Pattern

Fit a Pattern

If you are looking for an Adjustable Dressmakers Dress Form Mannequin then you can find them here

  • See if the placement of the proposed darts, buttonholes and pockets will work out.
  • Will the positioning of the proposed lapels & collars be right for this garment.
  • See if the positioning of, for example, the lace, ribbons, trims and appliques on garments will be OK.
  • Check to see if machine embroidery designs will be in the right place.
  • By pinning the sleeves in position you can adjust the fit of the garment.
  • Check easily if the hang of the  lining will work for you.
  • You can fit, hang and adjust garments as you sew.
  • A dress form allows you to make markings the way you want them, while the item is being worn on your clone 😉 (Your Adjustable Dress Form).
  • Make it easy to mark hems.

Easy Hem

Easy Hem

  • You can accessorise your completed outfit!
  • When sewing for others - adjustments can constantly be changed with ease.
  • A dressmakers dress form makes an ideal Clothes Organizer in your bedroom.
  • Check the placement of shoulder pads.

Adjustable  Dress Forms are available here

Check the Shoulder

Check the Shoulder

  • It's great for planning outfits and checking what goes together!
  • Use it to restore the shape of a jacket or dress after wearing it!
  • It is a fun place to display and store hats, beads and scarves.

Buy Mom a dress form and pre-set the form up in your sizes so she can sew for you. 🙂

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